U-Shape Ambidextrous
U-Shape Ambidextrous
U-Shape Ambidextrous
U-Shape Ambidextrous

U-Shape Ambidextrous

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Our U-shaped ambi’ is a perfect match for some shooters but is not as popular as the other models. So, we initiate a small production run as orders occur and it may take a few weeks to fulfill your order once it is placed. Or, if we’ve just produced a batch it could ship the next day.  If you want one, please order it and we’ll get it on the truck as soon as we have it ready. If it’s going to be a while, we’ll shoot an email to let you know an estimated time for delivery.

Thanks for your interest in our products.


Some shooters prefer shooting directly behind the rifle. Others have asked for this style to allow more space for their lab-radar and other accessories. 
Whatever your preference, we’ve listened to your feedback and have designed another quality bench with all the attributes of our RH and T-shape ambi’s.

This bench is only available with all four legs adjustable.

Relative light-weight due to the internal voids
Integral leg storage and carry handle
Adjustable aluminum legs to adjust to any terrain
See other details in the FAQ page

Dimensions: 31”x46”.  This is the same width and length as our T-shape ambi’.  Thickness is 2.5”, the same as all our benches.
Weight is 45#, about 5# more than the T-ambi’

All other dimensions of leg storage is identical to the other benches.