Q: Where is the Left-Hand bench?  It used to be offered on this website but I don't see it now?

A: The LH Legacy bench has been discontinued due to low demand.  Most left hand shooters choose the ambidextrous bench and it was not feasible to continue producing the LH option for such a low volume. We may revisit this in the future if our customers show sufficient demand for the lefties.

Q: What kind of stool do you recommend?  

A: We've seen shooters shoot impressive scores sitting on a folding chair or a 5-gallon bucket.  However, we prefer an adjustable stool to allow quick adjustments when different shooters share the bench. There are many options available at your local "box stores" very inexpensively.

Q: What is the weight of your bench?

A: The RH or LH benches weigh between 35-37# including the legs. The ambidextrous bench weighs 39-42#.  The carry handle on all the benches is center of mass and makes carrying this bench quite comfortable.  

Q: How do you achieve the relative light weight of the bench when it is so thick (2.5")? 

A: These benches are CNC machined for precision. The internal pieces are designed with cut outs precisely engineered to lighten the bench without sacrificing strength. 

Q: What are the dimensions of the bench? 

A: The RH/LH unites is 46.5" long, 28" wide, 16" at the rear portion of the bench and 2.5" thick.  The ambi' is 31.5” wide x 46.5" long and 13" wide at the rear portion.  

Q: How tall is the bench?

A: With the fixed legs, the bench height is 33" and with all four legs adjustable unit, this can vary from 29" to 35".

Q: What is the black coating on the  of the bench?

A: We use DuPont bed liner for a textured, non-skid and extremely durable finish. This keeps the front rest from moving during use.  If it becomes scarred or damaged with use, the owner can easily re-coat it.

Q: Is the black coating durable enough to use the points on my front rest?

A: Like your dad said, “It depends.”  How heavy is your rest?  How much recoil transfers to the points?  How sharp are your points? Etc, etc  Remember, this is a wood bench and the bed liner is maybe 1/32” to 1/16” thick. I personally used mine with points for a couple years with no problem but I recently upgraded to a SEB NEO and purchased the self-leveling feet that attach to the legs. That is a rock-solid set up and ensures the integrity of my bench.