Q: What kind of stool do you recommend?  

A: We've seen shooters shoot impressive scores sitting on a folding chair or a 5-gallon bucket.  However, we prefer an adjustable stool to allow quick adjustments when different shooters share the bench.There are many options available at your local "box stores" very inexpensively.

Q: What is the weight of your bench?

A: The RH or LH benches weigh between 35-37# including the legs. The ambidextrous bench weighs 48-40#.  The carry handle on all the benches is center of mass and makes carrying this bench quite comfortable.  

Q: How do you achieve the relative light weight of the bench when it is so thick (2.5")? 

A: These benches are CNC machined for precision. The internal pieces are designed with many cut outs precisely engineered to lighten the bench without sacrificing strength. 

Q: What are the dimensions of the bench? 

A: The RH/LH unites are 46" long, 28" wide and 16" at the rear portion of the bench.  They are 2.5" thick.  The ambi' is apx 31" wide x 46" long and 13" wide at the rear portion.  

Q: How tall is the bench?

A: With the fixed legs, the bench height is apx 33" and with all four legs adjustable unit, this can vary from 29" to 35".