Shooting Benches

We have finally finished our new, enlarged facility and have resumed production. We will first be filling orders for those on the waitlist and then will fill new orders.

If you are on our waitlist, we anticipate shipping your bench in 4 weeks and for new orders, about 6 weeks. This is only an estimate though, so please be patient with us as we try catch up. 

Enhanced features:
We never settle for mediocre and we have made some improvements to all our benches recently.  Instead of bed lining only the front portion of the bench, we now cover the entire top, bottom and edges with a clear bed liner that will stand up to a lot of abuse and doesn’t fade.  This finish is tough as nails and boasts a light sanded texture that helps keep things in place. We are really excited to offer this enhancement and it will be standard on all our Legacy benches from heretofore.  .