Shooting Benches

Our inventory levels are updated frequently to reflect accurate stock levels. as of08/11/22, we are shipping benches within 7-10 days. 

We appreciate your business and your patience during these extraordinary times of production challenges and hope to ship your bench as soon as possible.

Enhanced features:
We never settle for mediocre and we have made some improvements to all our benches recently.  Instead of bed lining the front portion of the bench, we now cover the entire top, bottom and edges with a clear bed liner that will stand up to a lot of abuse and doesn’t much with time.  This finish is tough as nails and boasts a light sanded texture that helps keep things in place. We are really excited to offer this enhancement and it will be standard on all our Legacy benches from heretofore.  . 

Price increase:
After maintaining the same prices for eight years, the recent spike in raw material has forced us to adjust.  We are only increasing our prices enough to cover the increased cost of raw materials and a small increase in labor.  

Thank you for understanding. We truly appreciate your business.

Shipping timeframe:
We are trying to acquire raw materials and get caught up.  We anticipate having benches ready to ship by Thanksgiving, maybe a little sooner.  We will adjust our inventory as soon as have them ready.  If you see that inventory is available, it will ship within a week from your order.