Legacy Bench Carry Case, T-Ambidextrous

Legacy Bench Carry Case, T-Ambidextrous

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We finally have a USA-made, quality bench cover that we are proud to offer to our shooting customers at a reasonable price.  

We will have these ambi' covers ready to ship by early or mid-March.  We don't have pic's yet, but please look at our RH covers for full features.  You can check back later or you may choose to pre-order so you can ensure you'll have yours as soon as they are completed.  We'll update our website as soon as these are ready to ship.

These are made from the same heavy duty, waterproof tarp material used on 18-wheeler trucks to cover their cargo.  This custom fit cover will provide excellent protection of your Legacy Bench for many years.  Now you can haul or store your bench with confidence it is protected from other gear and the typical abuse sustained getting it in and out of your truck.   

After extensive R&D, this design provides easy in and out with your bench with the best HD zipper we could find.  The benches' integral carry handle is still accessible through the opening in the case and it is fit perfectly with just enough slack to allow easy access, opening and closing of the cover. 

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These will ship USPS flat rate, folded and will have some wrinkles when you get it. This does not affect the function but if you prefer a smooth look, instructions are included to iron it smooth.